DC Power Supply Project

May 27, 2022

A bench power supply is an essential tool for all electronics hobbyists. Building one is the right of passage for every electrical engineer. My BCIT program included a 4-week course ELEX 1102: Electronics Fabrication Tools and Techniques, in which we built a very basic bench power supply.

We learned soldering skills in this course. We also learned how to use Altium Designer to design our own PCBs.

During a previous course (ELEX 1112: Engineering Tools) we learned how to use AutoCAD and designed the body for this power supply. 

The DC Power Supply provides three DC voltage outputs when powered by a 120VAC 60Hz source. The rated DC output voltages are +5VDC (fixed), -15VDC (fixed), and +15VDC (variable). The rated current at each output is 1A.

BOM (Electrical)

Ref Des Value/PN Description Pkg Qty
C1,C2 3300uF, 20% 25V, AI electrolytic Radial 2
C3, C5 0.1uF, 20% 50V, AI electrolytic Radial 2
C4,C6 1uF, 20% 50V, AI electrolytic Radial 2
C7 2.2uF, 20% 50V, AI electrolytic Radial 1
D1,D2,D3,D4 1N4005 1A, 600V, General Purpose DO-41 4
D5 Pilot light, LED, Red 1
F1 375mA, 250V Cartridge, Glass, Time delay 1
J1 Banana jack, Red, Nut 1
J2 Banana jack, White, Nut 1
J3 Banana jack, Violet, Nut 1
J4 Banana jack, Black, Nut 1
P1 125V, 10A 1.8m, 18 AWG/3C Grey 1
R1 10R, 5% 10W Axial 1
R2,R4 390R, 5% 1/4W Axial 2
R3 5K, 10% 1/2W, Linear 1
S1 120V, 5A SPST, Round rocker, Dot 1
T1 33VCT/1A 33V, Center tapped, 1A 1
U1 7805 Regulator, 1A, Fixed, 5V TO220-3 1
U2 317 Regulator, 1.5A, Variable TO220-3 1
U3 7915 Regulator, 1A, Fixed, 15V TO-220-3 1

Schematic diagram, interconnect diagram, and body CAD...

Class photo
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